Ministry Outcomes in General 

"But we cannot help telling what we have seen and heard." 

Acts 4:20


This page covers any news from ministry in general that does not come under the Equality of Men and Women or Dealing with Problems headings. In any mention of healing which does not give details of what took place to bring about the change needed, these are the steps taken:

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"It's my three year old who has the flu"

March 5/23 (Messenger text)

Me: Hi Noni, what's happening?

Noni: It's rainy season, a lot of cold and flu.

Me: Are you speaking against it at the first sign? Do you have symptoms now?

Noni: For me, I don't. It's my three year old who has the flu.

Me: Then we do what we have done before. Hands out, wait for the presence of God, then one hand out, one over the child, then say, "No cold, no flu. Cold and Flu, get out now!"

Then tell me what happens

Noni: Lemme do it now, I'll let you know what happens.

90 minutes later:

Noni: So I did it and she went to sleep. She's just woken up and she doesn't have the fever she had before.

Me: Praise God! You can do this anytime - you don't need me to authorise it.

"But when you continued with the teachings..."

March 15/22 (Email)

"The sister to bishop who hosted us told me that during the healing process the pain went but for only one leg, but when you continued with the teachings the pain left the remaining leg and she is well. The shaking of hands also stopped immediately, and she is now stable." 

"I followed up with the lady and she told me..."

March 20/22 (Email)

I followed up with the lady and she told me the pain went completely. She is well now.

Even that day we had a lady with the same pain. She told me she went where you were standing while teaching mostly and the pain went completely. 

(Note: I don't do that, I can't do that. That's God at work.)

On the second day a mother came with a deaf boy...

March 29/22 (Email)

"We had a lady who had chest pain for 5 years.  l told her to stretch her hands to the Lord and say 'Pain go.' The pain left immediately and now she is well and she has attended the conference all the three days.

On the second day of the conference a mother came with a deaf boy. l instructed the mum to place her hand close to the boy and speak to him by telling the deafness to go and the boy recovered fully.


Lastly a man came who had a severe pain on his spine and l instructed him to place his hand close to the back and say 'Pain. go.' He said it thrice and the pain went completely. 

All this is God's work."

There was a man who ate the meat from a sick cow

April 11/22   "There was a man who ate the meat from a sick cow, so he started complaining about severe pain in his throat and stomach. 

The man suffered for 3years but during the conference l told him to speak to that pain [Edit: and tell it to go] and after the first day of the conference the pain went completely. " [Note: Probably Brucellosis]

I met a  lady who had a swelling on her breast

April 25/22  "On first day l met a lady who had a swelling on her breast. 

l had her stretch her hand near to that swelling and l told her to say, " Swelling, go," but in the first day nothing happened

l continued with the same healing process until yesterday. During the session she told me that the pain and the swelling disappeared completely."

 l told her to say, 'Pain go.'

April 24/22  "There was a child who had sores all over his body and they were very painful. 

So l told his mother to place her hand close to him and l told her to say, 'Pain go.'  God healed him and now the kid is happy together with his mother too."

 A lady with no menstrual cycle for 5years

April 11/22  "Also there was a lady who could not see her menstrual cycle for 5years and it had brought problem on her stomach whereby it had pain. 

l told her say 'Menstruation, out' and immediately she started experiencing it on the spot. "

All his cattle had been stolen by cattle rustlers

April 24/22  "On the second day of the conference an old man came and he told me that all his cattle were stolen by cattle rustlers.

 So l asked him to show me the direction they used, from there l told the old man to say, 'My cattle, come back.'

Yesterday as l was distributing notes l saw all his cattle in his compound." 

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