Tempt, Test, Try & Prove

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In Brief:

There are four English words commonly used in translations to represent two Hebrew words (Old Testament) and two Greek words (New Testament. The English words are tempt, test, try and prove. Note that I researched this 44 years ago and recent translations might have since used other words as well.

The Hebrew (Old Testament) words and their usage are:

bachan - to test or evaluate something, like trying out a new food or drink, or taking a car for a test drive.

nacah (the c is pronounced as an s) - to prove or put to the test, to tempt (KJV).

Instead, God was actually providing a situation for Abraham to demonstrate or prove to himself what was in his heart, because he had already failed three previous challenges to his faith in God's promises when he passed his wife off as his sister and sent her into a ruler's harem because he was (needlessly) afraid for his own life. (See Genesis 12 and 20.) He also readily agreed to Sarah's suggestion that he have sex with her Eqyptian maid to produce the promised son and heir. He passed the test on the fourth occasion.