Outcomes - "Dealing with Problems"

"But we cannot help telling what we have seen and heard." 

Acts 4:20


The page "Dealing with Problems" (also known as Part 4) demonstrates one particular, but very effective method for dealing with more-complex issues which are not quickly resolved "on-the-spot" as normally happens during ministry.

We always have people hold out their hands before God, palms up and open to receive, in line with Lamentations 3:41. Many people are healed and set free just by doing that, with no words spoken other than, "God will heal you," and no actions other than the holding out of hands. 

The second step is for the person with needs to speak over their problem and tell it to go in very simple language, "Pain, Go," or "Sickness, Go." Most people are set free just by doing those two things.

In the third instance, when the problem remains or, in the first instance when they hold out their hands and don't receive a sense of the presence of God, we ask questions about unresolved issues from the past. Almost every time that the person does not sense the presence of God when they hold out their hands the person has had some connection with witchcraft or manufactured evil, the deliberate attempt to harm someone else. On other occasions they are praying with their mind or their lips when they are supposed to be still, waiting on God.

To my surprise, and contrary to my advanced deliverance training, there has so far been no need for complicated methods to rid people of these impediments, just a simple "I'm sorry for..." has done it in every case where people were willing to say what they had done, and that has been almost every occasion. This is covered in much more depth in "Dealing with Problems."

I love exceptions. Several years ago one man who had extreme pain refused to acknowledge any sin or disputes with others in his life, yet he was still set free by God over text. This happened once he stopped praying at the same time as he was waiting on God, mind you!

The following reports are compiled from emails, text messages, phone calls and personal interactions.



Outcomes-Problems (this page)

Set Free From Afflictions

February 4/23  Ben: "Today I went to the neighbouring community and witnessed men and women sharing work equally. Some even cried when I taught about Dealing with Problems because they were healed."

Me: Do you think the women who were crying were set free?

Ben: "Yes, they were set free. It was tears of joy because it was a new revelation to them that they could be set free from affliction and suffering just like that."

"...a man suffering backache for over 15 years."

February 4/23

Ben: There is a man who has been suffering from backache for over 15 years. After conducting healing he was not healed.

l asked if he had wronged someone. He became silent for about 5 minutes, then he told me he fought with his father. From that day he has been suffering despite going to different hospitals. 

I spoke forgiveness for what he had done and he said sorry towards his father's grave because of what he did.

After that he was healed instantly. 

People Thought Problems Came from Witchcraft or Generational Curses

February 6/23  Ben: "Firstly, I would like to go and see how they are applying the teaching. Secondly, this is very important, I would like to go and teach Part 4 because there is a lot of healing through "Dealing with Problems" where people thought it (problems, pain and sickness) was (due to) witchcraft or generational curses."

He Said He Had Fought With His Neighbour

February 7/23  Ben: "Yesterday when l went out for ministry, l found a man who had rashes all over his body. I conducted healing but it was not successful.  After about 30 minutes l asked him if he had some arguments or fight with any person.  He took 5 minutes to recall and then he said he fought with his neighbour some years back.

"After that l asked him if he had said sorry.  He told me he didn't, so l told him to face where they fought and to speak about his mistake. After speaking and confessing about his mistakes the itching stopped immediately and the wet rashes dried up too." 

"I met with a man who had swollen hands and feet"

February 10/23

Me: Hi Ben, how did you go?

Ben: "Trevor it was great, l met with a man who had swollen legs and hands. 

After teaching Part 4 he confessed and said he used to steal people's cattle. 

After he said sorry for his mistakes water started running out of his hands and legs through the pores and he recovered instantly." 

"Part 4 (Dealing with Problems) is really touching people"

Sunday, February 12/23

Ben: Trevor, I can tell you Part 4 is really touching people. Today in church I have received 5 more appointments in different places.

The thing that makes me happy, and I thank God, is people are realising there is nothing like a generational curse.

Above all, God sets them free (by saying sorry) where they were thinking it was witchcraft.

The following accounts are, literally, shocking.

That activities like this could occur within any community, leave alone a church, is unbelievable to this educated, Western mind. It confirms what I have been so certain of in the years that I have worked in East Africa, that is, since 2015: that the gospel of Jesus Christ has made little impact here.

That gospel (good news) has been misrepresented as just a means to salvation, whereas Jesus showed it as something much more: a way of life, a way of living. 

The gospel that Jesus presented was of the continuing involvement of His Father, our Father, in every aspect of our daily lives; that the way of love that we lived would make a dramatic impact in the lives of others; that not only could we love like Jesus, we could also do ministry like Jesus, and see the same sort of results that He had.

When I first encountered these situations I was stunned, for two days. Not just at the depravity revealed, but at the incredibly simple way that the malefactors were set free before God and the enemy. Sickness, pain, accident, loss, destruction and death come from the enemy, not from God. When someone is released from these afflictions that is always God at work, enforcing Their salvation so that the enemy have to release the captives.

It might seem that justice has not been done, that the perpetrators escape penalty-free. In this lifetime, perhaps. In the next, definitely no. 

At Judgment Day, according to the Apostle Paul, writing in 1 Corinthians 3:8-15, the good that we do according to the opportunities that God provides for us on Earth, produces a varying reward based on the quality or value of what we do. The bad that we do becomes a fire, or fuels a fire which is applied to the "good" reward items. What's left is what we carry away with us into Eternity. In verse 15 Paul states categorically that, no matter what evil we have done and the fact that we might lose all of our reward because of that, nonetheless we cannot lose our salvation.

God's reward system is not well understood, but it is essential to growth and discipleship. Knowing the way these things work should also have an effect on reducing the foolish, enemy-motivated things that people do. Let's hope so.

Two elderly ladies healed from long term backache

"Today  two elderly ladies were healed from long term backache. God set them free.

First I conducted healing but they were not healed.

After some time I asked if they had wronged someone. Both of them said they used to kill pastors and church leaders through poison. 

So they said sorry facing the place they did those mistakes, and after that God healed them.

They told me they had killed around ten church leaders and pastors."

Me: Why? Were they attending church at the time?

"They were attending, but they had wrangles with leadership."

[Footnote: There is no excuse for what they did, but when people are treated as equals they don't need to grasp for position.]